Using middleware

func main() {
    // Creates a router without any middleware by default
    r := gin.New()

    // Global middleware
    // Logger middleware will write the logs to gin.DefaultWriter even you set with GIN_MODE=release.
    // By default gin.DefaultWriter = os.Stdout

    // Recovery middleware recovers from any panics and writes a 500 if there was one.

    // Per route middleware, you can add as many as you desire.
    r.GET("/benchmark", MyBenchLogger(), benchEndpoint)

    // Authorization group
    // authorized := r.Group("/", AuthRequired())
    // exactly the same as:
    authorized := r.Group("/")
    // per group middleware! in this case we use the custom created
    // AuthRequired() middleware just in the "authorized" group.
        authorized.POST("/login", loginEndpoint)
        authorized.POST("/submit", submitEndpoint)
        authorized.POST("/read", readEndpoint)

        // nested group
        testing := authorized.Group("testing")
        testing.GET("/analytics", analyticsEndpoint)

    // Listen and serve on

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